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Dental care is as important to your horse’s overall health as is proper nutrition, hoof care and parasite prevention.


A horse with poor teeth may:

  • Have trouble gaining or maintaining its weight

  • Perform poorly

  • Fight the bit

  • Carry its head at a tilt

  • Toss its head

  • Have halitosis (bad breath)

  • Drop excessive amounts of feed while eating




Many horses could benefit from a power float or corrective dentistry. Ask our veterinarians.


Regular dental care is especially important for senior horses to maintain good dental health and extend their lives.


Regular dental care is also important, and often overlooked, in younger horses. They are teething until age five and are prone to developing retained caps, malocclusions, sharp enamel points, and pain associated with wolf teeth.


Regular dental care is important in working horses to enhance performance and prevent problems in the bridle.


Millhouse Veterinary Service provides:

  • Hand and Power Floats

  • Molar Cutting / Extraction Incisor / Canine Reduction

  • Wolf Teeth Extraction

  • Equichip



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