Vital Statistics


Do you know what your horse’s normal vital signs should be?

This is good information to know because often times these are the first signs of distress in a horse. It is a good idea to take your horse’s temperature, pulse and respirations on a quiet normal day when your horse is feeling good, this way you have a baseline for what is “normal” for your horse.


Temperature: For an adult horse anything from 99-100 degrees is normal. Anything above 102 degrees is considered a fever and you should call our office. For a foal 101 degrees is normal and anything above 102.5 degrees is a fever. Remember, foals can go downhill quickly, so do not hesitate to contact our office right away.


Pulse: For an adult horse anything from 28-40 beats per minute is normal. Foal should be around 50-60 beats per minute and a newborn foal can be around 100 beats per minute.


Respirations: For adult horses 12-24 breaths per minute is normal. For foals around 30 breaths per minute is considered normal and a newborn foal can be around 60 breaths per minute.