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Diagnostic Imaging

Imaging in veterinary medicine has become much more advanced over the last couple years. These advancements have allowed doctors to more accurately diagnose and treat many medical conditions. Millhouse Veterinary Service offers a variety of imaging technologies that can be used to identify medical problems in our clients’ horses.


Our digital equipment allows us to forward images electronically to referral doctors for updates and specialists for timely second opinions

Digital X-Rays

Digital radiology or X-rays allow us to see your horses bones in case of injury or lameness. With digital imaging, the images are available immediately; allowing our veterinarians to interpret them on site. Images can also be copied to a CD for your records.


Ultrasound is a great imaging tool for looking at soft tissue and is commonly used as a part of a reproductive exam of a mare. It can also be used to image structures, such as tendons and ligaments, looking for signs of an injury.


Endoscopy uses a small fiberoptic camera that can image structures in your horse's throat, such as the larynx, or the stomach to check for gastric ulcers.

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